We are pleased to work with companies to provide services in big data analytics, predictive modeling, online reports, and custom BI & AI applications. We work on structured and unstructured data with various data forms from various resources. We use SQL, Python, and SAS to develop algorithms in computing processes in scalable databases and newest application platforms to turn messy data into information, knowledge, insights, solutions, online reports, and BI & AI applications. Our team includes data scientist, researcher, and engineer holding MS and PhD degrees in statistics, computer sciences, and other science fields with extensive working experiences in data analytics in retail marketing and strategies, healthcare analysis and reporting, clinical data analysis, scientific research, high-tech manufacturing engineering, and BI application development. We strive to bring the best solutions for optimal results. Please feel free to contact us for any potential data analytics, reporting, and BI & AI application development.

Big Data Analytics


  • Predictive Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • Event Forecasting
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Regression and Logistic Regression Modeling
  • Bayesian Network 
  • AI Algorithm Development
  • Data Processing and Integration
  • Data Aggregation 
  • Data Online Visualization 

* Big Data Analysis algorithm development in Python, SAS, and SQL. Products can be stand-alone or added on clients' existing analytical programs or apps.

Web-Based & Mobile Reporting


  • Operational Reporting
  • Transactional Reporting
  • Customer Reporting
  • Summary Reporting
  • Analytical Reporting
  • KPI Dashboard 
  • Business  Monitoring

* Reports are built on latest technology platforms to ensure secure, fast, and interactive. Web-based  or Mobile.  

* Usually, reporting including data processing, structure, aggregation, presentation in Table and Chart.

* Scheduled or real-time update.

Custom BI & AI Applications


  • Business Intelligence App
  • Decision Supporting App
  • Business Data Analysis App
  • Automatic Prediction App
  • Automatic Fraud Detection App
  • Monitoring & Alerting App
  • Prevention Analysis App 

* Apps are built on latest technology platform to ensure secure, fast, and interactive. Scheduled or real-time update.

* Building apps  can include data processing, structure, aggregation, feature creation, develop predictive models and algorithm, segmentation, scoring, ROI analysis, and presentation in Table and Chart.

Retail Market Data Analytics


  • Market Research & Analysis 
  • Market Monitoring &  Reporting
  • Predictive Marketing
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Consumer Insight Analysis 
  • Customer Preference Analysis
  • Customer Churn and Retention Analysis
  • InStore & Online Shopping Behavior Analysis
  • Automatic Online Recommendation
  • Online Text Review Analysis

Healthcare & Finance Analytics


  • Healthcare & Finance Analysis 
  • Healthcare & Finance Reporting
  • Data Analysis Programing
  •  Products Utilization & Effectiveness Analyses 
  • Customer Loyalty Modeling 
  • Loan Lifetime and Default Prediction Modeling
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention Modeling
  • Customer Churning and Retention Modeling

Research & Explore


Research & explore new areas for new BI and AI applications. Possibilities of BI and AI processes and applications for businesses are endless.